You Have Your Fortress I Have Mine

November 10th, 2011 - January 14th, 2012
Pop Up Art Loop Chicago208 S. Wabash Street, Chicago, IL

"In an adventure story, the protagonist must face displacement and navigate a strange land or territory that comes with the harsh and unexpected reality that must be valiantly overthrown. The negotiation between land, time and desire, gives the story extreme polarities and fluxes of emotional composites that represent an event in stages, which, of course must come to an end, a final word.
Localizing this through a sculptural pursuit of space and object-based relationships, the Fortress, where the sequences are suspended in time, becomes a threshold where the viewers are then left to observe the land on their own accord. The Fortress becomes a story, one in between the pages of a novel as the shifting scales become fractal bits of information for viewers to relocate and reconstruct a potential narrative, one with a never-ending final word."

Sculptures in this show are mostly made from the recycled materials from the house project. The giant sculpture was disassembled to be used as sculpture materials. Part of the sculpture was also taken away by the homeless community in southside Chicago as firewood for the winter, and the rest were donated to other local artists.