Structure Study V 
various wind instruments, artificial sweat and urine on mild steel, air compressors, pneumatic hoses ,solenoid air valves with timers and other mixed media 
size: approximately 190 cm x 250 cm x 250 cm

In this project, wind instruments from both the East and the West are ingeniously transformed into sculptural shapes that coalesce into a rhizomatic structure. Each instrument undergoes an extensive process of manipulation and treatment to achieve its unique shape before being meticulously integrated onto a steel frame that interlaces with PVC pipes and bamboo.

To enhance the sculpture's relationship with the human body, the steel surfaces are treated with a combination of artificial sweat and urine, which encourages the gradual growth of rust over time. The sculpture's sound is precisely programmed to produce a randomized symphony. This is achieved through a series of timers that regulate the release of air from three compressors via a complex network of air hoses that are expertly connected to the various instruments.

This project explores the contemporary identity of East Asia in a globalized world, delving into how material objects and cultures are interchanged through trade and war. The sculpture's unique organic, chaotic, and animistic form, which juxtaposes industrial and natural materials, merges with the culturally-specific sounds produced by the instruments to create a powerful, unforgettable, and visceral experience for viewers.

This work is a commission by the Asia Culture Center for the show 'Aujourd’hui aura lieu' at Gwangju Citizen Hall, Gwangju Biennale Pavilion Project 2018. The show was a collaboration between the Asia Culture Center and Palais de Tokyo