2014 ~ 2016
enamel paint, lead solder, and magnets on cast plastic airplane and space shuttles inside of fluorescent light light boxes
60.96 cm x 121.92 cm each light box 

Inspired by the composition of dead insects trapped inside of the ceiling lights, Residue is a triptych that attempts to capture the sublime of anthropogenic disasters. The repetition of the contradiction between nature and technology in this case is illustrated nicely by a quote by Paul Virilio, the French Theorist who invented the term “dromology”.

“According to Aristotle, the accident reveals the substance. If so, then the invention of the substance is equally invention of the accident. The shipwreck is consequently the futurist invention of the ship, and the air crash the invention of the supersonic airliner. Just as the Chernobyl meltdown is the invention of the nuclear power station.”