Breath I, II & III
embossed, gold and silver foil stamped and printed PVC plastic cards, aluminum, steel and plastic hardwares, servo motors and other machine parts and sensors
approximately 135 cm x 86 cm x 20 cm each

During the production cycle of credit cards, it is necessary for plastic cards to go through a series of stress and torsion testing process to see how well they can last before actually being distributed and used in the real world. These machines function by continuously squeezing and releasing the credit card that are held in place in order to see how many times this motion can repeat until the card break.
Breath I, II & III are kinetic machines that mimics the actual credit card stress testing machines. Each machine is fitted with infrared red sensors, so that when viewers get close to the machine, the cards will then start squeezing and moving in preprogramed sequences as if the cards are breathing.
The cards that are on the machines are all printed with images that are found through Google search engine. The images are all related to themes such as violence, speed, power, accidents, the bodies, etc, and basically anything related to the financial systems in the world. Each card is embossed by an letters and numbers embossing machine and then gold/silver stamped in different patterns and compositions. 

This work was created as part of the exhibition Ambush