2019 router, motors, sensorss and other hardwares inside fiberglass, printed or spray painted PVC cards, steel, plastic, wood, unfired clay, store bought glasswares and ceramicwares, office tables and chairs, telephones, fake laptops and cellphones 700 cm x 360 cm x 300 cm

In an exhibition space, two ATM like machines on spinning platforms are placed halfway inside a glass conference room facing each other. In the middle of the glass room there are two office cubicles completed with office chairs and office tables, as well as a variety of shooting targets such as steel plate cut-outs, fake fruits, confettis, balloons, small sculptures, ceramic and glass bottles and cups bought from dollar stores. The ATM-like machines are actually card shooting machines made with electric routers and sensors. Viewers are welcomed to play the machines by first retrieving credit card size plastic cards from card dispensers nearby, and then upon inserting the cards into the ATM machine- just as one would when using actual ATM machines, the glass conference room suddenly becomes a shooting range, as the shooting machine would shoot out cards like a slingshots or bullets and destroy the targets that are inside the room. Throughout the exhibition the artist would replace broken targets with new targets and curate the glass room every few days, so that returning visitors would always have new targets to shoot at.

This work was created for the exhibition Ambush